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Warsaw businesses engage in lighthearted sign war

It's a community rivalry that's working to spread a message of positivity. We took a trip to Warsaw Monday afternoon to see what has sparked a "sign war" that's growing more by the day. Businesses are always battling over customers, but in Warsaw there's a little bit of a different battle going on. One that's looking to spread positivity and also maybe get a couple laughs in the community too.

Work underway once again to improve safety at Bittersweet Road rail crossing

Construction along a busy portion of Bittersweet Road is underway. The project's goal is to replace a previous attempt to make the area safer. Crews are currently digging up the rail line there along Bittersweet Road. What started as a need to protect cars from the train has turned into a need to protect them from each other. While not often used, this railroad track is active. Francisco Rivera was there when there was just a yield sign at the crossing.

Need for foster parents is growing as we emerge from the pandemic

More children have recently been coming into foster care. During the shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic, many trusted adults – like teachers – couldn’t report issues to CPS. But as things have opened up, more calls for help have been coming in. Rachael Halicki is the regional director of Benchmark Family Services in Mishawaka. It provides therapeutic foster care services for higher needs kids. Halicki says in the spring of 2020.

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