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Is that Bono? Or… Tracy Morgan?

If you were at the Omaha airport a few days back at Delta’s gate A5 and thought, “gee, I’ve seen that guy somewhere,” you were right.

Sure enough, that’s Tracy Morgan getting ready for a flight, chilling out, enjoying U2.

I mean, we can all enjoy U2 from time to time.  I just didn’t expect Tracy Morgan to serenade us with it… at the Omaha Airport.  Though, it is likely the best entertainment option that’s played the Omaha Airport in decades.

Cheers, Tracy.  Sing on!



ICYMI: A “Dirty Dancing” Sequel is coming

No one puts Baby in a corner.  And finally, the woman who PLAYED Baby is getting a shot at helping to make the sequel to the original film.

First reported in summer of 2020, Lionsgate productions is working on a sequel to the original, and Jennifer Grey will executive produce and star as Baby in the remake.  As for the rest of the story, we’re not too sure.  But Grey has been alluding to a debut later in this year.

“It will be at Kellerman’s, there will be dancing, there will be a lot of music, and there will be romance,” she confirmed to ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

As for debut dates, we’ll have to wait just a little longer to get that confirmed before we re-live the time of our life.  So until then, keep your “Hungry Eyes” perked here for more details soon.

Happy anniversary THIRD EYE BLIND! What color is YOUR album cover?

After the grunge movement of the 90s moved past its early Nirvana / Pearl Jam / Alice In Chains sound that defined the early half of the decade, the evolution of modern rock took on a much more pop-friendly sound toward the middle and the end of the decade.  And although the songs still featured heavy guitars, and a lot of the THEMES of the songs were still pretty dark, they had a happier, more major-chord oriented sound.  One of the bands helping to pioneer this sound: THIRD EYE BLIND.  And this week in 1997, they released their debut, self-titled album with massive hit songs like “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper,” and “How’s It Going To Be.”

If you were in high school in this era, these songs were EVERYWHERE.  On TV, in the movies, and all over the radio.  And, in our case logics in our cars too.  The question was, though, WHICH CD did YOU HAVE?

(Artwork (c) 1997, Third Eye Blind.  No copyright infringement intended.)

The first album cover was colored yellow with a bright red logomark of the band’s name.  But, after the first 500,000 copies were released, the band’s management FLIPPED the colors to better pop, artistically speaking.  Maybe it was the band’s hits that were just starting to reach the masses – or maybe it was the artistry – but the album went 6x platinum, selling over 6 million total units, which is something to be TRULY celebrated.

So, if you’re an early adopted – a TRUE 3EB’er – and have a copy of the yellow colored album, PROPS.  You were AHEAD of the rest of us.  And, if you’re like me and didn’t buy it until the red cover came out – NBD.  We’re all a part of musical history with one of the biggest bands that helped turn “alternative” into mainstream in the ’90s… regardless of the color.


Remembering Estelle Harris with 5 moments where George’s Mom was OUR MOM.

One of the blessings of “Seinfeld” was the deep character development of the four main characters; Jerry’s neuroses, Elaine’s assertiveness, George’s laziness, and Kramer’s general off-the-wall wackiness.  But the character development didn’t stop at just the leads; the recurring characters had that same amount of depth.  And perhaps no one has more than Estelle Costanza, George’s mom, played by Estelle Harris.  Estelle passed away at age 93 this past weekend of natural causes, and leaves behind a lifetime of amazing roles in “The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody,” “Toy Story,” and more.

But Estelle Harris as Estelle Costanza = THE BEST.

And perhaps the reason we all loved Estelle so much is because we could ALL see our mother, or an older relative, in her eyes.  And without further ado, we must present the five moments where ESTELLE COSTANZA was ALL of our moms.



After meeting the parents of Susan, George’s fiancee, Estelle supported Frank in the need for cake after dinner. “It IS a big deal,” she said, “I’m sorry, you’re supposed to serve cake after a meal. It’s impolite.”  So much so, she supported Frank and re-set the protocol for bringing a gift for someone else.



When Estelle and Frank considered divorce, like many older women who found themselves alone later in life (due to death of a spouse or divorce), Estelle considered herself “back on the market.”  While I’m lucky that my parents have stayed together for many decades, I’ve watched parents of other friends who have had this situation unfold, and they undoubtedly mis-read the room – just like Estelle did when Kramer tried to brace himself in a crazy traffic situation.



Granted, it wasn’t just Estelle who did this…but she took it to the extreme.  When Jerry met a woman named “Donna Chang” and assumed she was of Asian descent, he was surprised to learn that she was wasn’t.  The situation confused pretty much every character, but mostly Estelle, who thought she was taking unique Asian relationship advice through her troubles with Frank.  “I’m not taking advice from SOME GIRL” from Long Island,” she exclaimed, and hilarity ensued.



Why is it that when parents of one friend meet parents of another, there is undoubtedly WEIRD chemistry?  In this case, it all erupted between the Seinfelds and the Costanzas based on which retirement community they’d all be at.  #delbocavista.



It’s anyone’s worst nightmare; being in your parents house with some alone time and…well… YEP.

And of course it happened to George Costanza.  But of course, it wasn’t just about George, it was about Estelle and an injury too.

First, George explains it to the gang…

…and now because of it, Estelle hurt her back and is in the hospital.


While there are plenty more ESTELLE moments, these HAVE to be among the top five in our book.  And while she won’t be here to make more moments that we can all relate to in the future, these five will live on forever.  Estelle Harris, thank you for your work – and thank YOU for making us all laugh.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELTON! Can you name each of his biggest hits of the last six decades?

Tomorrow, one of the biggest icons of pop music history, Elton John, turns 75 years old.  And how is he spending this iconic birthday, you ask?  The way he’s spent so many others; entertaining US FANS, on tour.

And for those of us who have watched his career from the beginning – or just studied his catalog from the start, let’s take a quick jaunt down memory lane with Elton’s biggest song from each of the last six decades.  And, be prepared for some surprises – there are a few on here you MIGHT not have thought of.



The 1970s – “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with Kiki Dee

Elton’s rise to popularity, well-documented in the movie “Rocketman,” shows his early success performing at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.  With writing partner Bernie Taupin, Elton’s early hits like “Your Song,” “Bennie And The Jets,” and “Crocodile Rock” established him as a steady chart-topped throughout the 70s.  Of all of those songs though, the slightly kitchy, slightly campy “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was his biggest.  With fellow Brit Kiki Dee as his duet partner, they seemed perfectly in tune.  The song brought on plenty of parodies in later years, and even a remake with RuPaul in the mid-90s.  BUT, even in its humor, it has found a home as one of Elton’s BIGGEST hits of his career.



The 1980s – “I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That” 

While it doesn’t have the melancholy staying power of “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues,” or the inspirational positivity of “I’m Still Standing,” Elton’s biggest hit on the U.S. charts was this upbeat pop song from the 1988 album “Reg Strikes Back.”  It hit #2 in the Spring of 1988, and has been noted as one of his best songs about calling it quits in a relationship where someone else was playing around on the side.


The 1990s – “Candle In The Wind” 1997 Version


While the original tribute to Marilyn Monroe was a top 10 in both the ’70s, and the ’80s (with a remastered live version), this re-written version paying tribute to Princess Diana in 1997 wasn’t just Elton’s biggest hit of the 1990s; it was one of THE biggest hit of the 1990s, period.  It spent 14 weeks at #1 on the U.S. charts, tying Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” and just behind No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey’s “One Sweet Day” as the biggest hit songs of the decade.  The only song that has sold more copies: Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.”  He has not performed it in public ever since the funeral, which makes it truly special to this day.



The 2000s – “Someday Out Of The Blue” from The Road To El Dorado

The 2000 Dreamworks movie “The Road to El Dorado” took advantage of Elton’s hit-making soundtrack power (like he did some years earlier for “The Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” in “The Lion King.”)  Although it wasn’t a colossal smash, this song, “Someday Out Of the Blue,” became a top 50 single for Elton in the U.S., after which he took some time off from new material.



The 2010s – “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” with Taron Egerton

Elton went ALMOST the entire decade of the 2010s without a hit single on the charts until the release of “Rocketman” in 2019.  The movie, starring Taron Egerton, brought Elton’s music back to the limelight in a positive way, and allowed him to ROAR back with “I’m Gonna Love Me Again,” a song of self-confidence and positivity.  It was a top 15 adult pop hit in 2019.



The 2020s – “Cold Heart” with Dua Lipa

The pandemic brought about some unexpected things.  Perhaps none was more unexpected than Elton’s decision to head into the studio for “The Lockdown Sessions,” a series of duets recorded during the midst of the coronavirus crisis.  In August 2021, the first of those was teased and released; a collaboration of Elton and Dua Lipa.  Combined with riffs of “Sacrifice,” “Kiss The Bride,” and “Rocket Man,” “Cold Heart” became an INSTANT smash.  The song hit the top 10 on the US Hot 100, and #1 on the adult pop chart, officially becoming Elton’s BIGGEST song since the 1997 version of “Candle In the Wind.”


With all these hits, one has to wonder – will we see an Elton John single in the 2030s?  (In his 80s?)  I wouldn’t bet on it.


But then again, I would never bet AGAINST Elton John.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON BON JOVI! Who is one of HIS inspirations?

Today on Throwback 102.3 and tonight on Throwback Nation Radio, we’ll be dipping our toes DEEP into the catalog of some of Jon Bon Jovi’s BEST for his 60th birthday.  And, we’re learning more about some of the music that inspired him through the years as well.

Although Jon, Richie Sambora, and the rest of the band have certainly inspired plenty of us, their music doesn’t go without inspiration from others.  One that I hadn’t heard until preparing for Jon’s birthday – but that was OBVIOUS in listening – is that “Wanted Dead Or Alive” was inspired by Bob Seger’s “TURN THE PAGE.”

Just a few notes into this Bob Seger classic – followed by a few notes of the Bon Jovi classic below – and you’ll hear it too.  If there were the sound of fog, slowly rolling into a town in the darkness, with a sense of unease in the air, these songs embody it PERFECTLY.

It’s that, “you know something’s going to happen, and it might be kind of spooky” feeling.  It’s so ominous; so lush, and so…almost…creepy.  Even if you don’t love the feeling of loneliness that these songs evoke, you love how they do it.

So, here’s to others who have inspired the greats like Jon Bon Jovi.  As men wiser than I have said, we all learn from each other – and if Bon Jovi was taking cues from Bob Seger – he was certainly learning from one of THE BEST.

A PRE-BIRTHDAY Toast to Jon Bon Jovi with his own rose

Tomorrow, one of the ICONS of ’80s rock celebrates his 60th birthday, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate this achievement than popping a bottle of his own wine.

That’s right, Jon Bon Jovi is a wine connoisseur; ROSE to be exact.  (That’s roh-zay, the accent won’t work on my computer


As a little kid, I can VIVIDLY remember being in the back seat of my Grandma’s 80s era Ford Thunderbird, when the calming sound of seagulls and waves came on the radio, and I immediately knew it was “Cherish” by Kool and the Gang.

What was it – even at the age of 6 or 7 – that drew me, and so many of us, into Kool & the Gang’s ability to capture the moment…and just… slay?

A couple things.

  1. They’re a band with two lives who wasn’t afraid to adapt their sound.  The first incarnation of Kool & the Gang, founded in 1969, gave us hits like “Funky Stuff,” “Jungle Boogie,” and “Hollywood Swinging.”  Inventive, playful, and FUNKY, they had a niche who loved them.  But as music evolved in the late ’70s into more melodic grooves, the band added James “JT” Taylor to sing lead, and it gave them a second life with “Celebration,” “Joanna,” “Cherish,” and more.
  2. They LOVED a soundtrack, even well after their release.  “Summer Madness,” originally sampled in “Rocky” in 1976, got new life with DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince sampled it in “Summertime.”  That lead to another synch for the song in 2002’s “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” – and a whole new generation of fans.
  3. They weren’t afraid to take a chance on tour.  In 2012, perhaps one of the greatest odd couple tours was announced, as Kool & The Gang agreed to open for Van Halen.  It seemed like a complete mismatch.  Yet somehow, the “odd couple” moment WORKED.  They showed us, while they weren’t rocking as hard as Van Halen – they could still ROCK and tantalize the audience with some amazing music.


So whether you’re turning up a great K&TG love song…


…or something a little more FRESH…


…enjoy these songs again today, and remember that COOL is always best…when spelled with a K.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: Tonight in 1993, MJ and Oprah hash it out.

It’s one of those moments, if you saw on TV, you’ll NEVER FORGET.

Oprah Winfrey, no holds barred, all the questions you wanted to know, WITH Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch.

This was before some of Michael’s wilder moments; his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, child sexual abuse allegations, and increasingly reclusive behavior.  But there were still plenty of rumors and odd findings.

If you didn’t watch this 29 years ago tonight, take a break from the Winter Games and watch tonight.  It’s worth the 45 minutes.


BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: The first time we met Lauryn Hill. And it WASN’T in the Fugees.

Can you remember the first time you saw Lauryn Hill?

The Fugees?  Nope.

The 1999 Grammys where she swept basically every category?  Nope, not then either.

While her name wasn’t in lights like Whoopi Goldberg’s, we saw a burgeoning superstar in Lauryn for the FIRST time in a big way in Whoopi’s “Sister Act 2,” which debuted in 1993.  Lauryn, just 18 at the time, played Rita Louise Watson, a rebellious teen with an AMAZING voice.  (Art imitating life, perhaps.)

This performance still stands the test of time, and shows how Lauryn, even as a teenager, had a voice that could move mountains.

Thank you Lauryn, for giving a true musical education through the years.  Cheers to YOU, today.





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